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I would like to have and to expand the possible routes that can be done in various cities by passing the Camino de Santiago. Also information on the best accommodation, whether hostels, hotels, hostels, campsites, pensions. This information I would like to expand outside through all the people who visit this site, or people who have some business they want to publicize it passes through some of the routes of the Camino de Santiago.
If you want to send me information and / or data can make it through the comments or send email to bloginternet@gmail.com
I hope that helps.

* Astorga
Astorga Leon is a city characterized by its long history. It was important Roman enclave and key point on the Camino de Santiago.

* Cáceres
Caceres is a very attractive city with a unique historic center, is well preserved, it has to be worthy of the title of World Heritage City. In addition, the city is one of the stages of the Via de la Plata.

* Sevilla
Sevilla is a very beautiful city located along the river Guadalquivir. Numerous monuments from all periods reflect centuries of glory and the influence of diverse cultures.

* Santiago de Compostela
Santiago is not a city of transit, but a destination for more than a thousand years attracts people by the desire to see art or simply by the thirst for adventure.

* Salamanca
Salamanca, steeped in history, is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Their existence has been closely linked to culture. The city has a remarkable harmony, in part due to its architectural quality.

* Burgos
Burgos, beautiful head of Castile, is also a key point in the Camino de Santiago. This is a city where he endures a series fraught with urban works of interest to the lover of history and art Gothic Spanish.

* Paris
Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, French capital.

* Leon
Leon is a beautiful Spanish city, capital of an ancient kingdom, and possessing the Gothic cathedral pure and beautiful, Spain; key point of the Camino de Santiago, has other monuments of great interest, especially the Church of San Isidoro.

* Bordeaux
In Aquitaine, on the shores of the Atlantic, around the mouth of the Garonne, is one of the most important cities in France, for its economy, demography and history: Bordeaux.

* Reims, the city of kings
Two thousand years of life have dense city of Reims in the history of Key West. This is the city where he was crowned the kings of France, a city that shows the visitor a cast of wonderful monuments.

* Tours
In a strategic location on the route linking Paris to Bordeaux in the heart of the Loire valley, lies the city of Tours, noted for its cultural and economic force but also by its past, some of which are artistic samples.

* Poitiers
Poitiers is one of the historic cities of France, located halfway between the basin of the Loire and the Gulf of Aquitaine. He stressed in Gallo-Roman era and medieval and retains traces of its glorious past.

* Benavente
In a strategic area, where he joined the fertile valleys of Esla, Órbigo and Tera is located Benavente. Ignorance and war almost ended with the artistic content of the city, which highlighted his magnificent medieval Spanish castle.

* Bourges
Bourges, in Berry, central France, is a remarkable city, which highlights its most emblematic building, the Gothic cathedral. A city that retains a good history and monuments, which includes several palaces Gothic final.

* Estella / Lizarra
Estella is one of the most beautiful cities in Navarre. It is intimately linked to a core pilgrimages Jacob, with interesting monuments of medieval times.

* Strasbourg
Strasbourg, in the Rhine valley, is a beautiful city that symbolizes the coming together of Europe. It is the place to discover Alsace from there, Baden, Black Forest and the Vosges.

* Chartres
Chartres, near Paris, has one of the wonders of French Gothic art: the magnificent cathedral. The city, the UNESCO World Heritage, only has 40,000 inhabitants.

* Zamora
Zamora, the well-fenced, leans on the banks of the Duero, with an air of tranquility parochial. It is a city hit by the decline, but retains excellent Romanesque buildings.

* Le Puy in Velay
One of the finest French population, abundant reminiscences of medieval Jacob, is in Le Puy Velay; Marian town, city and surprisingly small. It's pleasant to tour the whole of the old city of Bishops, which combines

* Conques
Go to Conques is a privilege. Barely 300 people, but it's a small town full of art and beauty. To get there, the traveler must forget the freeways. It's in one of the paragraphs of France.

* Toulouse
Toulouse is a city with a relatively remote from the major tourist routes French, but that combines influences Gascón and languedocienses and represents a synthesis of art and historical depth.

* Prague
Prague has something more than a million inhabitants and is the capital of the Czech republic. The core of the city is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage since 1992.

* Lisbon
In the Portuguese capital vintage the odor emanates in facades and streets, squares and trams. Albero city, a city of senses bathed by the Tagus. Lisbon drunk, was not in vain head of colonial rule.

* Guimaraes
Known as The Cradle of Portugal, Guimaraes is more than a redoubt of history that has its roots in the Middle Ages. Still retains the Castle and the Romanesque church of San Miguel, the twelfth century.

* Brussels
At the heart of Belgium, with one million inhabitants, lies the ancient city of Brussels, capital of the country, but also European capital.

* Villafranca del Bierzo
In the western province of Leon, at the confluence of two rivers, the Burbia and Valcarcel, Villafranca del Bierzo is presented to the traveler as a small town, full of charm, which is worth stopping. It is "small Compostela."

* Lugo. The Roman Galicia of urbe
Some 2,000 years ago, the Romans came to a Celtic castro situated on the banks of the Miño, within the current Galicia, and installed his military camp there.

* Puebla de Sanabria
Only has 2,000 inhabitants, but Puebla de Sanabria is a population of excellent architecture. A lake full of charm and a beautiful landscape arropan to Puebla and converted into capital territory of a gentle and attractive.

* Aachen
The city of Aachen, Aachen in German, is at the heart of west Germany. Guide Aachen.

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